Survey Certificate

What is a Survey Certificate? One thing that you may have no choice but to obtain before purchasing your new home is a property survey. Although your lender may not require a survey certificate, there are other important reasons—financial and otherwise—to obtain one. Read on to learn more about survey certificates and why it is… read more

Why Use A Lawyer For Real Estate?

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do? As well as being one of life’s huge milestones, buying real estate is one of the largest single purchases you will ever make. It is not only important in the short term—as a place to live and make your home, but also in the long term as an… read more

Enduring Power of Attorney

What is  Enduring Power of Attorney and why would you need one? It is important to ensure that—no matter the circumstance—your finances and other assets are being managed the way that you would like. Setting up a will, trusts, power of attorney or using other estate planning tools can help you control what happens to your… read more

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General Power of Attorney

What is a power of attorney and why do I need one? We all should be knowledgeable about how we plan to manage our finances and property as we move through years and life. Age, illness, travel and other life changes can leave you unable to control your own financial decisions. It is important to… read more

Title Insurance

What is title insurance and why should you consider purchasing it? One of the many decisions you will face during the purchase of your new home is deciding whether or not to buy title insurance. What is it and how does it work? Is it a necessity? What does it accomplish and is it right… read more

Spring Into Savings!

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What You Need to Know About the BC Speculation Tax

If you are a property owner, work in real estate or are simply a BC resident, you may have some questions about this new tax What is the BC Speculation Tax? Housing affordability in BC’s major urban centres is an ongoing challenge for residents as home prices and rents have shot out of reach for… read more

What Homeowners need to Know about Vancouver’s Vacancy Tax

What will the Empty Homes Tax mean for you?  As a city in the midst of a housing crisis, Vancouver has instituted an important policy initiative known as the Vacancy Tax or—more informally— the Empty Homes Tax in hopes of relieving the extreme pressure on the city’s rental housing market. In a 2016 study that… read more

GST on Property Purchases in BC

GST on your new property – Everything you need to know about this ‘hidden cost’   Congratulations, you are buying a new home! Now it is time to open up the cheque book. It is important to be aware of closing costs that will crop up in addition to the purchase price of the home. Among fees… read more